Mail-In Registration Request Form

Please complete one form per foal/youngstock to request Westfalen Registration through the mail, offered in 2020 to breeders affected by Covid-19 disruptions. Paperwork will either be Mailed or Emailed to you for completion by your veterinarian, depending on which option you choose below.

Please select only one option
Please select only one option. Video Inspection is optional for foals/youngstock. Video links can be pasted below or files emailed to Video/Photos do not need to be sent at the same time as the Mail-In Request Form and may be emailed later. Foal Passport is $150; Foal Passport with Video Inspection is $185.
No spaces or hypens.
Breeder is the person who owned or leased the mare at the time of conception
Leave blank if same as owner above
Optional - please upload a copy of dam’s registration papers if she’s not already in the Westfalen books
Optional - if you don’t have your breeding cert yet you may email it later. We accept Breeding Certificates on other registry/farm forms as well

If Embryo Transfer Please Complete the Following Information about the Recipient Mare:

Upload Photos (optional - you may also email photos to

Front/Head showing all markings
Left Side showing all markings
Right Side showing all markings
Rear showing all markings
Provide Youtube or Facebook Video Links here. If you would like to send actual video files please email to Be sure to include the identity of horses in video as well as the date of filming. Learn more about how to make your video here:
Please Select One DNA Test Option.
Select 'Pay Now' if you wish to pay by Payal or Credit Card; Select ‘Pay Later' if you wish to mail in a Check, Cash, or Moneyorder, or if you are completing DNA at a later time.

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