Inspection Site Request Form

Please complete this form to request an Open or Private Inspection site. We will get back to you with further questions, and to confirm whether there may be enough interest/horses in your area to schedule an open inspection site (generally 10 or more horses) or a private site (no minimum).

Open Inspection Site - outside horses will come to your facility. Private Inspection Site - only horses on your farm or owners you invite are included ($300 fee in most cases)
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Mares not already entered in a mare book
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Mares - Name, breed, reg #, DOB, color, sire, dam
Foals- Name if named, DOB, color, gender, sire, dam
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Westfalen NA • P.O. Box 429 • Murdo, SD 57559 • phone: SD Office: 605.669.2200 • SD Fax: 605.734.8060 • Email: • Website: Contact us with any questions. Host Sites must supply propane tank (barbecue grill size) for branding. Please check tank propane levels before inspection day.